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Use of Latex Gloves and Vinyl Gloves

Hands protection can be done in more than one type of gloves. The gloves are made from different types of materials like latex gloves, vinyl gloves for: • Protection against diseases • Hazardous chemicals • Protection against infections

Uses of Latex Gloves and Vinyl Gloves: • Be it medical workers, or care workers latex gloves do wonders for their protection. These latex gloves are excellent barriers against microorganisms, blood contact or any other fluids in the body. • Car oil can cause potential danger to health and to prevent this from happening car mechanics make use of latex gloves. • Latex gloves and Vinyl gloves are used by medical staff as well. This is essentially done for protection of the test samples and patients from any kind of infection.

Latex gloves and vinyl gloves are a must in the list of chemist supplies and hospital supplies, more so for nurses, doctors, and other day to day general purposes. Let’s look at different reasons to help make a choice between latex gloves and vinyl gloves.

Why should you use latex gloves? • Latex gloves offer comfort and ease to put on. Hence surgeries can be performed with latex gloves with no difficulty. • Latex gloves have little leakage in comparison to other gloves.

Why should you use Vinyl gloves? • Vinyl gloves are made from a material called as poly vinyl chloride. • Vinyl gloves are extremely anti acids, fats and alcohols. • Vinyl gloves can be used with ease again, just like Latex gloves. • Vinyl gloves helps in reduction of skin problems such as eczema irritation. • Due to the anti static properties of Vinyl gloves they are more practical for tasks that are not very high in risk.

For protection of one’s overall health and protection to the skin, I strongly recommend use of latex gloves and Vinyl gloves. You can make a choice of either Latex gloves or Vinyl gloves depending on the type of use they will be put to.

Especially in the hospitals, long gloves are needed. This will help protect against any harmful chemicals easily.

Let me also share with you the basis of categorisation of latex gloves. Latex gloves are made from different materials which helps determine their categories.

Latex gloves are made from – Natural Latex

Artificial Latex – This latex is made with materials mixed with latex such as vinyl and plastic. This could cause allergy to some people. We have seen that latex gloves, especially the long ones are most common put to use in the hospitals or any other medical environment. Besides, latex gloves can also be used at industrial places. In these industrial houses different kinds of chemical are used which could cause hazards to the skin.

You must do a good amount of research on the internet before purchasing the latex gloves or Vinyl gloves. You will also come across local shops dealing in these gloves, however the websites will show and explain the use of the latex gloves and Vinyl gloves correctly. There are also long latex gloves which are powerless which give you higher protection against hazardous chemicals.