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Plastic Bags

Plastic Garbage Bags ( Rubbish bags) 72-75 litre black/250

Plastic Garbage Bags ( Rubbish bags) 72-75 litre black/250

250 Bags 50x5 Size: 400mm x 360mm x 900mm Units / Carton: 250 Large Sized Plastic Rubbish Bags.72-75 litre 72L rubbish bags are the industry standard...


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Carton Liners 4*50 black (Rubbish bag)

Carton Liners 4*50 black (Rubbish bag)

200 Bags Large size for rubbish bins.Black 200 pieces


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Uses of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are used to carry different things and can be used for purposes of shopping and to store food items. There are different types of plastic bags which are used as shopping bags and storage purposes. Plastic bags are made of polythene and can be easily reused. Plastic bags used as shopping bags can help in carrying heavy products. Many people utilize plastic bags for garbage as well. In fact plastic bags as trash bags are an excellent way to throw the garbage neatly. These plastic bags are not of very high quality and serve the purpose of storing and throwing garbage.

Similarly there are plastic bags which come as zip-locks which are air tight. These zip lock plastic bags are used for products that need to be kept in air tight bags. For instance a sandwich can be kept in these zip lock air tight plastic bags which will preserve its freshness too. Some of these zip plastic bags are transparent which makes it easier to look through the stored items. These transparent plastic bags can help easily identify the items stored and can be put to use for storing medicines as well. The zip lock plastic bags are a favourite of almost every household. These zip lock plastic bags are in great demand throughout the year. During rainy season humidity in the air tends to make the food stale, however with the zip lock plastic bag this is no longer a worry.

There are printed shopping bags which are used for gifting purposes. These shopping bags come in a variety of prints and shapes. So say for instance you plan to gift a jewellery set, which does not need huge shopping bags, you can opt for some smaller printed shopping bags. There are many advantages with plastic bags as shopping bags, wrap pouches, garbage bags, etc. These plastic bags are durable, have strength and flexibility. You can carry almost every kind of product with plastic shopping bags because of the durability that the shopping bags offer. Whether you need to carry clothes, bottles, boxes, or even something as huge as a suitcase, there are plastic shopping bags made for these purposes.

You will find the plastic shopping bags a rage in groceries, supermarkets, general stores, etc. The benefits of plastic shopping bags cannot be undermined. Plastic shopping bags are a favourite with the retailers. This is due to the fact that- - Plastic shopping bags can be used with ease, - Plastic bags are not so expensive and - Shopping bags can be stored conveniently - Plastic shopping bags can be opened quickly

Similarly for customers to the plastic shopping bags are better alternative to the paper shopping bags due to the fact that they are more durable and can be used conveniently. Largely for the customers plastic shopping bags are good because: - - Plastic shopping bags can be reused for various reasons such as carrying heavy items or small items, etc. - Plastic shopping bags offer more durability than paper shopping bags. Especially during the rainy season the plastic shopping bags are good. They protect the items from getting wet.