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Australian Distributor for Party Supplies and Catering Supplies we also are suppliers to Restaurants, Butchers, Fruit shops and supermarkets with the following products.  Our Wholesale prices are the best in Australia.

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Plastic Cups


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  • Takeaway Containers

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  • Foil Trays

Foil Trays


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Cling Wrap


  • Latex Gloves

Latex Glove


  • Aluminium foil

Aluminium Foil


Catering Supplies

Catering services prepare food, serve meals and dishes. For an excellent catering service, equipment and supplies have to be adequate and in good condition. If you have a catering service, you will have to manage and replenish required supplies of equipments like plastic bags, plastic plates, paper cups, plastic containers, etc.

Like all other industries, competition here is also vast and if you want to do a business, you will have to make your customers satisfied. For this, you need to make the delivery in time and provide a good customer service. For this, you need complete catering supplies and equipments (plastic bags, plastic plates, paper cups, plastic containers). If you are into catering business, you need to check what you need for serving food regularly; your staffs and equipment should work successfully and help your staff to do their job properly.

Sooner you will need to replace supplies and equipment and buy new catering supplies and equipment. If you are short in your budget, you can check online where you will find companies provide high quality, cheap restaurant equipment, catering equipment like plastic bags, plastic plates, etc. kitchen supplies, commercial cookware and other kitchen stuffs that you need for catering business. You can order online and get it in no time. For more affordable options, check online more reputed provider.

When replacing or purchasing catering supplies, first check the items you are looking for actually in stock. Do not be cheated by online shops selling supplies but then they do not seem to have these items in store. Check, whether the item shown in the web is available as large catering stores companies, those have stocks of supplies.

You can find catering supplies at great prices online; you just have to find the best deals. You may find some discounts if you buy plastic bags or plastic plates, paper cups or plastic containers in large number. It is also important to buy any equipment with a warranty as anything can go wrong anytime. For large catering equipments, you can purchase online but make the deal beneficial for you with some discount.

You need adequate staffs and crews to lift your catering supplies from the supply vans as some companies will leave your equipments at your restaurant or shop pavement. You can help yourself with a trolley to get them in. Some catering providers will offer you delivery and unpack which is always recommended, as it will free your staff for other jobs, which need to be done.

When purchasing supplies you can open an account with them and get some credits, which might be helpful when starting up. You can also lease catering products over 2, 3 or, 5 years and it is found preferable to have 5 years basis as least amount money you will need to pay per month.


If you are starting or running a catering service, we hopefully expect that, this information will be very helpful for you and your company to find a good supply replacement.



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